Free Ebooks Each one, written by Harvey Segal (Mr SuperTips) is neatly set out, easy to follow, written without hype and not littered with annoying links.
- 101 SuperTips There's great ideas on a diverse range of topics such as affiliate programs, ebook publishing, web design, website promotion, theme sites, ezine publishing and even tips to make you more productive.
- Ad Tracking SuperTips Every Internet marketing expert will tell you the very same secret of their success. They constantly track and test their results. If you spend money on advertising but don't track the results then you are simply throwing money away.
- Forum Marketing SuperTips Every day across countless thousands of forums on the Net, people are asking questions. What an opportunity for those who can answer them ! It could be you and this book explains exactly - how to find exactly what forum visitors are looking for - how to quickly create a resource that will answer their questions - how to make superior postings to get people to visit your resource - with no hype and no ads and no affiliate links - how you will profit handsomely from these visits
- Forum Owner SuperTips * There are millions of newbies on the Net looking for an opportunity to make money without going through the huge learning curve of mastering a multitude of different marketing skills. * There are millions of forum owners on the Net who earn a disappointing income from their site. Both problems are answered in this book.
- Viral Marketing SuperTips You may have heard of viral marketing whereby you provide a useful product to someone who in turn can pass that on so that everyone can benefit. This book provides an ingenious twist which can lead to ever increasing traffic and sales.
Resource Sites Excellent product sites from Harvey Segal (Mr SuperTips)
- ClickBank Guide If you like the idea of earning money by selling other people's products, I highly recommend that you visit the ClickBank Guide.
- Ad Tracking Guide Here you can learn about one of the most powerful marketing tools to be found anywhere on the Net.
- SuperTips There are excellent FREE books at this site covering Internet marketing in general, ad tracking, forums and viral marketing.

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